Prayer and Meditation for Ukraine

Prayer - Meditation for Ukraine
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Meditation-Prayer is led by Volodymyr Mashir, who is in Ukraine in Zaporizhzhya. Volodymyr Mashir has been a volunteer for the Ukrainian army since the beginning of the Russian war against Ukraine. He is engaged in the acquisition of body armor, radar equipment, food delivery.

An appeal to all those living in America who support Ukraine, who are against the war and the killing of children and civilians, and all those who are against aggression.

To all who are ready to unite in prayer - meditation to direct their pure and kind thoughts to creation, and not to destruction.

Everyone who believes in good and knows that the power of the united energy of love creates miracles.

For all those who are ready to direct united thoughts of light, goodness, and love by an act of goodwill to help the people of Ukraine who are suffering now.

All donations will be sent to the Zaporizhzhya region of Ukraine to help the victims and resist aggression.

If you do not have the opportunity to take part in this online event, but you want to provide assistance to the heroic Ukrainian people, please use the "Donate for Ukraine" button. Donations are accepted through the charity California Food Aid.

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Владимир Машир

Владимир Машир, мастер спорта по академической гребле. Специалист в области спортивной психологии и реабилитации.

Занимается практиками йоги, медитаций с 2005 года после обучения в Индии.

Автор методики йога - концентрации, йога - медитации.


Владимир Машир