Valery Meladze
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Seattle, WA
410 4th Ave N, Edmonds, WA 98020

Valery Meladze grew up in Batumi, where he graduated from music school studying the fundamentals of piano. The future singer began to learn the basics in one of the city’s music schools. Accompanying him in school was his older brother Konstantin Meladze, who was mastering the violin and piano at the same time. After graduating from school, Valery enrolled in the Mykolaiv Shipbuilding Institute, where Konstantin was already studying for a year. After graduation, the perspective of becoming a mechanical engineer or scientist was becoming more realistic, but fate decided otherwise. As a second-year student, Valery went to the rehearsal of the «April» institute ensemble, in which Konstantin played the keyboard and arranged the repertoire. Six months later, Valery Meladze became the soloist of this group.

Each year Valery Meladze’s fan base grew, credited to his unique voice and charming personality. His music truly relates to all aspects of his life: passion and romance, compassion and drama, joy and the pain of loss. For almost thirty years, he has gained the attention and love of thousands of people. Each of his songs tells a story: «How beautiful you look today», «Sara», «Can’t go on without you», «No more attraction», «Foreigner», «Tequila-love», «Despite», «Heaven». Rarely do artists successfully keep their large fan base for such a long period of time, but with his personal magnetism he manages to attract more and more people to his music. In collaboration with his older brother Konstantin, the writer of all his songs, they created a special category of modern pop Russian music. With this music, Meladze will hold his US tour in May 2024